Throughout my professional and personal life, I have been deeply interested in transitions and in switching between languages and cultures. I am fascinated by people’s stories and passions, and I love supporting development. Throughout my professional career as a language practitioner and teacher, as a project manager in Poland, as a teacher trainer in adult education and as the director of a language centre in higher education, I have always been inspired by the passion of being on the road and of functioning as a mediator between peoples and cultures. This passion also motivates me in my profession as a coach, trainer and consultant.

My qualifications in coaching and consulting

Master’s in Coaching (Northwestern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland)

Certificates in coaching and organisational development (Trigon/Northwestern University of Applied Sciences)

Seminars in conflict management, human-resource management and strategy development (Trigon)

My professional career

Since 2005: Director of the Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich
1997-2005: Teacher trainer and head of the Life-Long Learning Section at the Academy of Adult Education in Lucerne
1996-2004: Lecturer of Polish in the Slavonic Department of the University of Basel
1992-1996: Co-manager of a teacher-trainer project in language education run by the Swiss government in Poland
1983-1991: High-school teacher of French and Russian in Basel and Muttenz


Through coaching, training or consulting, I accompany you and your team during periods of transitions in projects and into new roles and challenges in change processes,

to use your resources more effectively,
to develop new prospects,
and to create additional scope for action.

I care about finding appropriate methods that help you to use your resources for a successful reflection on your situation, your project and your challenge, and for the development of new prospects and solutions.
I use a goal- and solution-oriented approach that integrates concrete customised measures suitable for your everyday professional life.

I work through language, models, symbols, images and stories to support change.